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The Annual Conference for Higher Education Web Professionals, Austin, Texas, October 23-26, 2011

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Crowdsourcing Governance: If you let the community build it, it'll work (better)

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Texas Ballroom 1-3


Managing the Web in a post-secondary environment is often analogous to herding cats. Well, what would happen if you give a cat a wiki? Truly wonderful, really surprising things. The University of Ottawa, like many other universities, has a fairly de-centralized Web governance with a core corporate Web team, a core IT team and multiple other Web teams/coordinators/webmestres/webmasters (we also work in two languages: French and English). At uOttawa, we call that "everyone else", the "Web University community" and that community is passionate, proactive and engaged. When the question of "Should we have a universal Web CMS and what should it be?", we put the question to the Web community and through working groups and collaborative sessions, and Wiki-ing and Basecamp-ing and PPT-ing, they gave senior management the answer. University of Ottawa Web Director of Communications Nichole McGill tells a tale of how to harness the eagerness and wisdom of a community with Web 2.0 collaborative tools, how to continue to keep them engaged, and how your Web community can show "the management" what the path of the future is and where it leads. Let your community lead you. When you give a cat a wiki, you might just get a Web roadmap out of it.