HighEdWeb Assocation
The Annual Conference for Higher Education Web Professionals, Austin, Texas, October 23-26, 2011

Session Details

The "Digital" College Quad

PST Poster Sessions Track

Texas Ballroom 1-3


Topic: How higher education institutions can effectively work with local media web sites College and university web sites are constantly struggling with a lack of resources to get top-shelf Web applications and features on their sites. In these economic times, budgets are tight, technical resources stretched, and the staffing may not be in place to identify and evaluate good Web products that would bring your site to the next level. The result is classic private-sector envy - and the prospects of catching up look dim. But you can change that. Ronald Agrella, editor of The Boston Globe's Boston.com (the largest regional site in the country), and former director of Web communications at the University of Massachusetts, offers some simple tips on how you can catapult your Web site from drab to fab. Like it or not, your Web audience is demanding more from you today than ever before - but this doesn't mean you need to pour tens of thousands of dollars into your Web operation. Learn how to: - Work with media partners and other sites to expand content on your site - Utilize your staff and students to help develop new Web and mobile applications, and content. - Identify the latest technologies - many of which are low in cost - that can give you the biggest return for your Web operation - Get some basic tips on what to look for in a CMS, redesign company, and social media strategy Ronald can also discuss the successful partnerships between Boston.com’s hyper-local network of community sites, “Your Town,” and Boston University, Northeastern University and Emerson College. Student journalists are providing these communities with even more content and news than ever before, while their education is enriched with this valuable experience of reporting. Opportunities for partnerships like this exist in every small college town and major city across the country, and Ronald can discuss how the model is working at Boston.com and what more can be done in the future.