HighEdWeb Assocation
The Annual Conference for Higher Education Web Professionals, Austin, Texas, October 23-26, 2011

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EZ QR 4 U2 Do!

MMP6 Marketing, Management, and Professional Development Track

Big Bend


QR (short for Quick Response) code is increasingly making its presence known here in America. Touting everything from Gap Jeans to Ice Cream, advertising agencies are using QR in billboards, magazine ads, and in-store displays. The higher education field has taken notice, using QR in their advertisements and around campus tours. More and more, students have smartphones with the ability to read intelligent code, opening up QR to a broader college-bound audience. Generating QR code is a breeze using third-party applications and websites. Error correction allows you to design your custom code without compromising the core information. Get a basic introduction into creating and using QR code in and around your campus. Also learn how to customize your QR code and see tracking information so you can watch your hard work pay off.