HighEdWeb Assocation
The Annual Conference for Higher Education Web Professionals, Austin, Texas, October 23-26, 2011

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Herding Cats: Web Governance in Higher Education

MMP8 Marketing, Management, and Professional Development Track

Big Bend


Welcome to higher ed - the toughest gig in all the web. Campus politics, silos, consensus decision making, corporate expectations on a not-for-profit budget, and decentralized organizational structures all combine to create a very demanding environment. And the best way to thrive? Create a true web governance structure, something only a few campuses have done. Yes, I just used the words “web” and “governance” in the same sentence. NO, this was not a mistake. A true web governance structure will provide the framework to move your site to the next level and get senior leadership to view the web as a strategic asset rather than a cost center. This presentation will show how web governance and management is essential to achieve a sustainable, efficient, and cost effective web presence. Learn how web governance can help you: Get senior leadership truly engaged and interested in the web Get more resources Eliminate Hippos (Highest Paid Person’s Opinion) and make sure the right people are making decisions Overcome campus politics Establish authority and accountability Understand the role of the central web team (it’s not what you might think) Get the right people involved, even in a decentralized organizational model Move from a production shop into a strategic shop